From article development to final assembly

Whether mass or small series production, our many years of experience in manufacturing enable us to implement your ideas quickly and reliably. To keep every manufacturing process running as smoothly as possible, our tool design is done only by selected toolmakers and in close cooperation with our in-house experts.

To maintain our quality level at all times, all tools and product molds are maintained and serviced by expert personnel and state-of-the-art equipment.


In many variants

We have a modern machine park in the range of 80 to 2300 t clamping force, on which innovative products are produced according to the latest technology.

All products are supported with the same precision and performance by our versatile teams. This guarantees a very high quality standard.


2K & 3K injection molding

GID & GGD procedure

(gas internal and gas back pressure injection molding)

Special materials

(like thermoset)

TSG & MuCell

(Thermoplastic foam casting)

Variotherm process

(Creation of surfaces free of weld lines)

Welding machines

(VIB, US, Hot Plate, Infrared)

Inmold decoration and insert molding

High quality surfaces for painting and chrome plating

Own laboratory

(with test facilities)


Down to the smallest detail

For surface finishing, we offer processes perfectly adapted to your requirements. Whether applications on the surface or details that make your product special, we have the right solution.

High-quality haptic, decorative and glossy finishes
Surface structure
Haptic surfaces in
first class optics
Printing & Embossing
Foil back injection, hot stamping foils, pad printing, flocking or lasering